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Powerful subconscious therapy made by a professional therapist to create who you want to be – Starting at $4.99!

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Hypnosis is a fast and powerful method of guided communication directly to your subconscious mind – the place where your Beliefs, Attitudes and Behaviors are created and activated automatically for you. Use Hypnotherapy for an active role in changing your life.

Subliminal Messages $4.99

Subliminal Message MP3Subliminal Products

Subliminal Messages contain embedded positive affirmations into a masking track (ocean waves) below your conscious hearing by passing your conscious objections and creating new patterns of Unconscious thinking. Use Subliminals for a passive approach to therapy.

The Fastest & Most Powerful way to Change Unwanted Habits 

15 Years of Happy Customers

  • I must say that the material is worth every bit the $12 and more. Sometimes when downloaded items your never sure of what you’re going to get particularly with something as personal as hypnosis. I must say, my cynicism left once I had tuned into your audio. Your skills and professionalism are superb I will certainly be following your on social networks and purchasing more.–Catherine Murray

  • I have never been able to be hypnotized before and I have tried it over 8 times. I thought I would try it one last time. Amazing, it was a great feeling to not be able to open my eyes and be aware at the same time of my conscious mind looking at myself (strange feeling).
    Thank you so much for this experience–Fran Celle

  • I ordered your session and enjoy, still, the relaxation I get from listening. I am still occasionally surprised and have to marvel at the seriously impressive results! It’s hard to believe I did that, and it’s really me! In a way, you’ve helped make me the man I am today. If I can do that, with your help, I could probably successfully use your tools to do just about anything!–Todd Norras

  • The previous MP3 I got from another website (to stop smoking), hasn’t worked. I emailed the gentleman, he said give it 21 days. Religiously for the past 3 ½ months I listened, and still smoke like a chimney. Thank you your website and MP3 have been very helpful.
    Very Respectfully. –Nick

  • I Just Found Your Site The Other Day, and I’m very grateful that I found you hypnosis sessions available for download. I have bought some other tapes from others, but I have found that your technique with the background voices and sound works best for me.
    Thanks again from a “new loyal customer”–B Bourgeois

  • Dear Andrew
    As a research Student studying for my PhD in Psychology I want to thank you for your help information and advice regarding the methods you have used in the production of your hypnosis sessions. As you are no doubt aware the science behind your approach works. –K Burns PhD Student Monach University Australia


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Why Choose Mindfit Hypnosis?

There are many hypnotherapy download websites available online, it can be a tough choice to decide which one to purchase from. Mindfit Hypnosis was one of the first, starting in 2002 and has successfully stayed in Googles top ranked websites for this period of time.  We have done that because we provide value for money and quality products.

Dr Andrew Dobson is a hypnotherapist and psychologist who has spent his 20 year professional career helping people create who they want to be.  Dr Dobson specializes in the change and modification of subconscious patterns of attitude, belief and behavior – using traditional Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. Now you too can benefit from this professional experience with easy access instant Hypnosis and Subliminal Message audio MP3 downloads. Over 300,000 people have already made changes in their lives with the help of Dr Dobson; Now you can as well.

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Mindfit Hypnotherapy and Subliminal Message Audio

When it is time to change – Change should not take time!


Binaural Beats: Using Science to ensure you go into a Hypnotic Trance
Original Scripts: You get the benefit of a session that is unique
Affordable Price: Hypnosis $9.95 | Subliminal Message  $4.99
Realistic Product Range: No needless combo packs
Instant Download: You can start to use the product right away
Science Based Scripts: Designed on real psychological research – not wishful thinking

Mindfit Hypnosis has been providing Hypnosis and Subliminal Message Downloads as MP3 files, on over 100 psychological issues since 2002. Top quality and original therapy scripts created and read by Dr Andrew Dobson based on actual research makes Mindfit Hypnosis stand out among many other hypnotherapy practitioners reading from standard and outdated scripts.

We provide free Hypnosis samples of each session and are one of the only websites that provide in the Free Subliminal Message Downloads the actual affirmations included at an audible level. You can be assured you are getting a different and unique Subliminal Message session with each purchase.

Hello, I am Dr Andrew Dobson and welcome to the Mindfit Hypnosis.

  • I know that in the times in a person’s life when they want to make some changes, it can be a tough decision. In addition to lot’s of articles explaining Hypnosis and Psychology – Every Hypnosis Session on this website is based on Evidence and not wishful thinking.

  • I understand that not everybody can afford to seek professional in-clinic assistance when they really need help – and that is why I created Mindfit Hypnosis in 2002 and our low pricing has remained all this time.

I have spent almost all my professional life helping people just like you make massive positive change in their life using subconscious therapy like Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP). I believe it is important if you are going to trust someone to change your subconscious mind – better to trust a professional

Each script is unique, using a combination of traditional Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotic language patterns.  Mindfit uses the science and psychological clinical data found in studies of therapy and results as a basis for its product range.  The scripts are created especially to reflect psychological studies that show real results from hypnotic therapy treatment of the condition.

Each Hypnotic MP3 sessions include binaural beats encoded into the audio track.  This use of powerful technology ensures that your brain is taken into the hypnotic state – providing quick and notable results.

Every Subliminal Message product page has an audio sample with the specific affirmations used within the session, played at an audible level.  Taking the time to make this extra detail available so that you know you are getting a real therapy treatment. A better guarantee that each product is truly unique.