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Get the Mental Skills for Digital Nomads Success

Get the Mental Skills for Digital Nomads Success

Developing the Mindset Qualities needed for Life Style Design

Do you want to live the location independent lifestyle using the ideas in Tim Ferris book “The Four Hour Work Week”? Find out how you can fast track your progress using Hypnosis to train yourself at a subconscious level with the mental mindset of a digital entrepreneur and have the courage and skills to start your journey.

Now a range of Hypnosis and Subliminal message MP3 products designed especially for those people wanting the skills to live this Lifestyle; developed by a hypnotherapist and psychologist who is also part of the digital nomad community

Listen to how it all began, a Tedtalk by Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is the author of bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek, a self-improvement program of four steps: defining aspirations, managing time, creating automatic income and escaping the trappings of the 9-to-5 life


Hi, I am Andrew Dobson, the owner and creator of Mindfit Hypnosis and I am living the location independent online business lifestyle of a digital nomad.  And I have been doing it for over 14 years now – long before the whole concept of working online was coined with a name by Tim Ferris, and long before the huge growth in the opportunity for others to join this amazing community. I have to admit, that Tim and other leaders in the podcast community have certainly made living and traveling and connecting with like minded people much easier.

Digital Nomad

Photo’s of myself lying in hammocks at a Thai beach  are not as professional as the Life-Style community uses to promote themselves. BUT this is the reality of how I live my life!

If you are also starting out or on your way to living the dream, then I am here to help. You know, that there is a growing community of podcasts, forums and e-books giving you helpful hints, tools, tricks and information on how to make this dream a reality for yourself. There is now an endless amount of information and courses on almost every aspect of developing and creating your online business model, then promoting it, but what is lacking is specialized knowledge on how to create the mental mindset and skills that create the personality of the digital nomad.  Until now …

I have and still do listen to a great number of podcasts, and over the years I have heard many people ask questions like “How do I become more disciplined?” or “How can I get the courage to quit my job” or “How can I increase my creative talents”, and typically the answers have been “You can read this book or article”.  I personally (because I know better) think that this answer just falls far to short of the mark.

How do you get all the qualities you need to be successful?

You do it by making these abilities a natural and normal part of who you are by creating them within your sub conscious mind.

The answer really is this simple, if you want to be successful and make this lifestyle choice a long term adventure, you will need to up skill in the mental and personality characteristics of the business entrepreneur. While the answer is simple, the lack of expertise to teach people how to change their attitudes and beliefs – has created a nightmare of an alternative solution … that is the “Become the Expert” paradigm.

Doing it the Wrong Way:  The “Become an Expert” paradigm?

Many of the people who earn their money from teaching others how to become an online and hopefully location independent business person; extol the idea that becoming an ‘expert’ in any area.  The advice given is all you need to do is study for a few weeks, know more than the people who will be your clients and charge a high price point to give the illusion and credibility of being an expert.  While this might make the ‘experts at teaching how to be an internet entrepreneur’ clients think they are ready to conquer the world of digital nomads, what it really does is creates a person who lacks not only the professional skills to do a decent job in their chosen ‘occupation’  but in addition lacks the ability to adapt and grow because they have no foundation of the entrepreneurial mindset or the mental skills of a business person.

The problem with all these self-proclaimed ‘Experts’

Lifestyle Design: The Four Hour Work WeekI am going to suggest that you reject this whole pretend to be an expert idea.  I can not tell you how many times I meet very nice people while overseas who claimed to have the skills I required for my website, but who never actually got my contract.  I would provide a small job as a sample of their expertise, and often find some had less knowledge than I did, and I freely admit I am a therapist not a Website guy.  Even those who were skilled at what they did, often failed to have the discipline or time management, or self control that is expected in the normal 9-5 working world.

In the world of the 9-5, a company (or accredited educational program) will take the time to train you in business skills that are common for a successful career.  These systems are in place that over time reprogram your skills and abilities so that you can subconsciously (automatically) formulate creative solutions and perform tasks within a disciplined time frame.  These skills are also essential to the online career of the location independent business, but without the benefit of previous work or educational training many people seldom have them.



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The Solution: Subconscious reprogramming with Hypnotherapy

Any mental skill or personality trait is at the core, the result of neurological rewiring (learning) developed over previous experience and training. Once this learning has taken place it becomes an automatic ability, where you just seem to know what to do or how to act and think without putting too much effort or thought into the act.  You become a natural.  And the fastest and most efficient way of reprogramming your unconscious mind with a new attitude, belief or behavior is with Hypnosis.


Perhaps one of the most important qualities for a person who wants to get ahead in business or personal growth is the ability to direct themselves into the actions and behaviors they want and desire. Get Self Control now by convincing your unconscious mind that you already have this ability and it is a normal part of your everyday life


Years of bad habits can form a comfort with procrastination and the inability to stick with a task. Now you can remove the past blocks, and reprogram yourself with a powerful ability to be Self Disciplined, easily able to stick with the task at hand and head towards the results you desire. Self Discipline is a skill and ability that almost every successful person has learnt to develop and now so can you.


Procrastination, procrastinating and generally putting things off, is no way to live an active and productive life. We do it because we somehow have made an association that doing a task will be less pleasant than doing nothing at all. It is a bad habit to fall into, and one you can remove from yourself. Communicate to your subconscious mind how you want to be, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you comfortable in your current situation.


Having a Fear of Failure can prevent you from success before you already start when you have a past that prevents you from having an attitude of success. End your Fear of Failure now by communicating to your unconscious mind a new attitude, a new belief, one that increasing your chance of successful expectation.


Being an Entrepreneur requires a set of beliefs attitudes and behaviors that are a step beyond most people. You have to be creative and persistent with a self discipline and ability to have creative ideas with the skill to determine which ones are practical. This is the Entrepreneurial Mindset, and now it can be an automatic part of how you think.


The way you think change and how much you are happy and content is solely due to the attitude you have towards life, which luckily you create yourself. Use the power of Subliminals to change Positive attitude towards change subliminal mp3s to release your anxiety naturally and make a lasting change in your mind, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you confident in being able to deal with new situations.


Mindful Awareness is the ability to be consciously aware of what you are thinking. Since your whole life is affected by what you think, it makes sense to learn to be aware of your “I am” and direct your own life. Communicate to your subconscious mind how you want to be, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you able to monitor and control the Self talk and thoughts you are having


Get Organized, with the Hypnotherapy session for Organizational Skills. Learn how to increase your conscious awareness and remember important details, to release the need to feel like you must enjoy what you are doing and increase your automatic behaviors of an Organized person.


Self Esteem is a favorable impression of oneself, and your success in how you are living your life with the world views you have. Communicate to your subconscious mind how you want to be, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you comfortable in your own skin and radiate self esteem.


The past is the past, and it belongs in the past. You can release past events, memories and the emotional scars and blocks they present to you today. Don’t let the past hold you back from a bright future which you create and control. Communicate to your subconscious mind how you want to be, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you comfortable in your current situation.


Stress Release is one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being. There is no reason to have very much stress in your life. The feelings of stress evolved with time, as a warning signal that something was wrong and that action was required. In today’s world we still have the warning signal of stress, but the actions (such as run away fast, or throw a spare at the huge animal), are no longer needed to save our lives. Never the less, we still have stress, and we tend to make mountains out of mole hills as a way of trying to deal with the feeling. It is easier to just not have it so much, as what once was essential for your ancestors to survive, is just not that important now.


Being Creative is having that ability for your imagination to think outside of the box, outside of the norm as your thoughts and ideas flow unrestricted. Enhance this creative process, by tapping into your unconscious mind, dissolve past limitations and blocks and develop your brain’s ability and capacity to work creatively, to let your imagination flow to think of exciting new concepts and ideas.


Make it a natural part of who you are to be comfortable asserting yourself. Become more assertive by reprogramming your sub conscious mind so that you are able to express yourself and get what you want without appearing aggressive or needy. Be more Assertive now!


Starting Self Employment can be a big step, there is risk when you give up a steady pay check to become self employed and be your own Boss, and those risks can cause you to have doubt and hesitations. Have the confidence and commitment to being your own Boss, make it just a normal attitude and belief you have about who you are. Start your own Business now with the strength and conviction required to be successful


Successful people manage to get so much more done in the time they have available. They are motivated and focused on the task at hand, undistributed by things that mere mortals allow to fill and waste their time. If you are needing to become more efficient in your time and increase your Productivity, then change your unconscious mental attitudes to reflect one of increase production.


When you need to make change or take risk there has to be a sense of confidence in who you are and what you’re doing. Increase your natural sense of Belief in yourself with this Subliminal session to automatically reprogram your Self Belief giving you the strength of faith and conviction in doing things for and by yourself. You can do it, now believe it


End your Self Sabotage, that  unempowering habit of unconsciously making mistakes or not following through with what you need to be successful. There is no reason why you can not remove those past blocks of Sabotage and create a new and successful beginning. Claim the Winner you deserve to be


One of the biggest problems many people have is the need to over think a situation or task and procrastinate taking action and getting it done. All too often we can cripple our success by focusing on perfection and not productivity. Enough of this, get into the habit of Taking Action Now, and open your world to increased success.


Success comes when you aim high and make massive differences between what you do and what others achieve. Get a head start on everyone else by making yourself excel with a difference. Have your creativity aimed at Thinking Big ideas and projects. Get hungry for success with Big Ideas and plans


Think and Grow Rich, Get the winning wealth attitude by focusing your mind on the desire to save money and invest wisely. Communicate to your subconscious mind how you want to be, which will in turn change your attitudes, beliefs and behaviors, making you comfortable in your current situation.


Acquire lasting time management skills and increase your productivity and make the most efficient use of scheduling your time. Get organized now, learn to start and complete tasks and work within a given period of time. Increase your drive to dramatically increase your productivity, and efficiency with the willpower to see things done now.


Charisma is the gateway to increased enjoyment of your social life and a huge step forward in business networking. Become a fun and enjoyable person to be around, someone who others trust and admire, someone who makes others feel safe and good about who they are and just having the opportunity to be in your company

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